1941 Willys Project

A customer of Charlie's brought a fiberglass 1941 Willys body to him and asked him to build a full frame and chassis to make this Willys a 'pro-street'.

With the body, he brought a pair of chrome seat 'pods' to install as well.


Stop the presses! Change up!

The owner of this Willys is seasoned and this is not his first rodeo. The chrome seat 'pods' created some issues that he was not happy with. So, he asked Charlie if he could dump the 'pro-street' idea, take out the seat 'pods', and go full race - NHRA approved. As Charlie would always tell a customer - "sure we can".

The seat 'pods' came out, some bracing came out, and we continued the build for an anticipated full-blown 572 for the strip.


The owner showed up to help with mounting the inner door skins and frontend.


Next, remove the body, finish welding, and paint the frame!


Keith Schorle of Omaha has finished the aluminum work on many projects for Charlie over the years. Because of his excellent work, he was called in for the Willys.


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