1950 Mercury Custom 'Lead Sled'

We're talkin 'old school'. This 1950 Mercury Custom was built nearly 30 years ago! With a full Chevy drive train and rodded 350 V8, THIS was the trick-mobile of the day... and STILL IS!

Without getting too deep into the history of the car, I'm just going to introduce you to the owner's Al & Carole Enfield and what they've been doing with this 'sweeeet dream' as of lately. 'Her Merc', as it is referred to (yup, it's the little ladies car), came into Charlie at CT Engine & Chassis Builders this last summer for a little updating. It was time to dress up the engine compartment which resulted in numerous 'best engine' trophies, then for the perfect solution for the chassis... slam it with an air ride suspension. Charlie and his 'shop foreman' (Rosey) went to work on this Merc and what a beautiful job done.

Then it was time to take this lead sled next door to Sky's Custon Seat Center for an update on the upholstery. Between the two shops, Al & Carole STILL has one of the best looking sleds around!

The final picture shows the crew on this project from left to right: Al, Rosey, Sky, and Charlie.