1963 Nova Nomad Project

Steve Fosbinder - owner/builder

Anyone who knows Steve already knows him from the old days of drag racing in the midwest. Over many years, Steve is also known for a 1967 Nova SS that he built and placed very well at many shows every year. 'Ol 'blackie' is know by many.

Steve said it was time to get back into the game again... drag racing. If you know Steve, the car he builds will be a show stopper, as well as, one that will be a contender on the strip.

This little 1963 Nova Wagon started out as a 4 door, of course, and Steve took it to Charlie at CT Engine and Chassis Builders in Fremont, NE for the major work. After they took out two doors, heavy chassis and suspension work, some pretty trick cage work, the nomad was born.

Steve has since taken this project to his shop for the final sheet metal fabrication and finish work. He indeed does some pretty impressive work.


This is one project I will hope to follow.

UPDATE: Steve got the motor in and it's looking great! Very clean with a little bling!


UPDATE: Axles are in, and time to roll it on the rack to get some work done down under.



This little Nova Nomad is coming together... OUTSTANDING!



Hope to have more for you soon!

Let's go racing!



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