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1968 Pontiac Firebird Project

This will be my very first attempt at TOTAL restoration. And when I say restoration, I don't mean it will be back to complete original by the #'s matching specs from the factory. I will definately make some very acceptable modifications for both improvements and personal preferences. Oh, and most definately limited by that ugly word - BUDGET!!

This has been sitting in the back yard of a friend for the last 20-years. Motor and tranny are missing. It appears as though it was originally a 350 Sport Coupe. The glove box had a sticker that referred to it as a Sprint. Someone has installed big block Chevy mounts. I will take it back to big block Pontiac. It is however a four speed car. Power steering seems to be the only extra this buggy has. I will hopefully change that!


The floor pans are gone, and so is the trunk pan. Someone carved up the tunnel for some fancy shifter. Only the LH rear quarter has a spot behind the wheel. Other than that, the car is in solid condition. I will replace all of the pans, and both rear quarters to ensure they are new. If you're going to do one, do both. I could not believe the rockers once they were uncovered. They are spotless!!

So... the work begins. My project '68 Firebird and me in my garage just like hundreds before me. I will have some very expert advice along the way from Dave Hall of Restore A Muscle I've known Dave most of his life, and he has restored more muscle cars than anyone I know, and specializes in T/A's. So this Early Bird will be right up his alley.

This project could take year or so, depending on time and money just like every other hobbiest. I have found many different vendors that offer every replacement part needed (and more) for this Early Bird. I will be sure to mention them as I go along with the project. Be sure to check back often to see the progress. I hope you will enjoy this resto right along with me.

Tearing it down

Ready to Sand Blast

Back from the Blaster

Rear Quarter Install

Floor Pans

Door Skins



Home From Paint



Close - Starting To Drool!


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