1957 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Deville

Rear Body Changes

Once I started to remove the body side molding, I discovered MUSH! Yup, rusted out pretty bad down the side conical body lines. I saw an opportunity to remove them and match the front side body lines, yet keep that rear expanded look. I decided to elongate the fins to tie it all together; 4 inches back and 3 inches up. I will run that top fin line forward and fade into the body line by the sails.

The bumper end caps were rusted out and dented from years of backing into things. I decided to make my own end caps and carry the angle from the new fins. I will run the exhaust through the bottom of them just like the stock ones did. I kept the gas fill in the same area as stock. It's just not hidden, rather it is now on the inside of the fin.

Once I get all the framing for this rear area done, I will advane to the top. I did find a '47 Chevy Aero rear window that I got for a hundred bucks. I got my windshield through Pro Glass out of Bristol, IL. If you ever want GE Lexan auto glass (any shape) give Bob a call 630-553-3141; Pro Glass Windows. I could not believe the service. I shipped my windshield to Bob on tuesday, he got it thursday and shipped my new windshield out friday and I got it the next tuesday. Fantastic!

Slow going for me. With the physical problems I have, things are not moving as fast as I would like. But, at least they're moving!

Enjoy the build!

   1957 Cadillac series 62 coupe deville  1957 Cadillac Custom Rear

More to come!


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