1957 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Deville

My First Chop

It's time to take the plunge! Head first into my first chop! Without a doubt, the last 6-8 weeks of prep and ASKING QUESTIONS of those who have 'been there - done that', this went smoother than I thought. I'll have to admit, my game plan changed several times, due to asking questions. The time came to take the plunge - git'r done!

From working with Charlie at CT Engine & Chassis Builders in Fremont, I knew enough to tie the body together. I used 1 1/2 " x 1/8" angle and used it as a grid so I could put in adjusters to raise and lower being by myself. I'm a one man show, and though there were some difficult moments, this pre-planning worked out fantastic. I had to set everything up a little different than most due to spinal injuries.

The chop is 3" front and back. The next step is to put in the '47 Chevy Aero rear window. I'm very pumped about this project!

Enjoy the build!



   1957 Cadillac series 62 coupe deville  1957 Cadillac Custom chop
 1957 Cadillac Custom chop  1957 Cadillac Custom chop  1957 Cadillac Custom chop

More to come!


Got the rear window in. I double walled the sides after using 1" square tubing to frame in the window frame. I had to cut into the factory support across the top, so I re-enforced the top with another square tube brace from one side to the other. That 1" square tube was great on this project. I 'plugged' the pillars and top seams where I sectioned as well. Turned out very solid.

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