This 'bird is really taking shape. Front and back glass is in. Molding and cowl, hood is all installed now. Lines were a real challenge with new doors, new hood, and original fenders. Six hours later, we got it the best we could. It's better than when it came out of the factory.

Back down to Sky's Custom Seat Covers for the rest of the interior. Then next door to Charlie's (CT Engine & Chassis Builders) to do some final tweaking on the suspension.

I will have to modify the MagnaFlow exhaust. It is the 3" Stainless "X Pipe" system. The X pipe runs below and underneath the driveshaft leaving absolutely ZERO ground clearance. I will replace the X section with straight 3" and run them up along side of the driveshaft where it belongs.


I will have to lower the size of jets in the carb more than likely. Those heads are flowing BIG and she is running pretty fat.

Here's a taste of the interior.





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