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Current 4th place 2009 Jeg's All-Stars Division 5

Jeg's All-Stars Division 5 2008 Super Street Winners

2007 Jeg's All-Stars Division 5 Top 5

The Heartland drag racing tradition is epitomized by Stan and Jeff Landholm. Since 1968, Stan has run the quarter mile in one class or another adding to the comradery of the sport. When asked what that is, he responded "Racing is a family. All of us are there for the competition and the sport. If someone needs help, or parts, or whatever, the rest of us do what we can for the other." When asked if it was still that way today, he says "Yes it is. I wouldn't be in it if it wasn't."

Stan started out with a '64 409 Impala then went with a '67 427 Impala a couple of years later. The military, plus starting a family took him away from the track for a few years and re-emerged two years after the Scribner, Nebraska track opened around 1980. His years of racing have produced many plaques and trophies from various tracks around the country.

Raising his son around the various tracks over the years naturally produced another participant of the sport, and Jeff is carrying on the tradition. At age 16, Jeff got his first run down the strip with his own '76 Monte Carlo. When asked how he did, he laughed, "I don't believe I even broke the speed limit." Jeff says he ran that car through the rest of high school, "smoking all the way down the track." He and a friend went through a couple more cars until Jeff came across a '68 Nova. He ran that Nova during most of the '90's and the name of that car is still remembered by a lot of tracks in the mid-west.


Stan said sponsorships are very important to continue racing; however, family support has been the biggest factor. Stan's wife Sandy is the rock of the Team. Sandy has always been a big fan of racing plus takes care of all the books and makes all the arrangements every year for the Team. Stan said she's real good with the books. If he has any parts or equipment lying around not being used, she says "sell it so I can put it in my kitchen." Jeff is finding out as well that support from home is a big factor. Dianne is his biggest fan and supporter, right along with his son and daughter. When asked if they are going to carry on the tradition, he said "one will very soon."

Stan and Jeff have now teamed up with one car, a '68 Camaro. Entering the NHRA Division 5 about four years ago, Landholm racing is in with the big boys now. Stan said the car is really a Super Gas; however, Super Street is a lot more fun. As both Stan and Jeff will state, "It's all about having fun". They have done very well placing in the top ten point's standings over the years, plus top 5 of Jeg's All-Stars over the last couple years. This year - LOOK OUT!! They're taking no prisoners! Jeff is a great driver and Stan is great setting up the car (but don't think Stan can't drive). NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series is very familiar with Stan. A great Father and Son Team indeed.

Racing in memory of 'Grandpa George'.

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