Division 5 Drag Racing

The last few years for Greg can be summed up into three words:

"That's Drag Racing!"

Good time had by all!

With all of the negative misfortunes occurring in the world today, a breath of fresh air can be found just speaking with a drag racer out of Division 5. Greg Gilligan epitomizes this statement. Not a bad word about anyone, or anything.

Let's first go back to the early days when demo derbies where still running strong. This is where racers from all walks usually started. Not many veteran drivers today never partook in the derby days of old. Greg is no different. Derbies were the thing to do back in the day. So was drag racing.

Like most veteran drivers, Greg started when street racing was all you had. He and his brother always had the interest to race. If you're from the Heartland, you can remember the days of old highway 8 just outside of Fremont , NE. Many a races were run out there. Many communities across the country had an ol' highway 8 of their own.

Greg started out with the very same 66 Nova that you see above the year he graduated. He had many cars throughout his high school days of the 70's just like everybody else. He had bought it from a friend and put a motor in it; got it running. It was hard to put a good sized slick under it. Greg says that those 7 inchers just made it squirrely. Once Scribner opened a couple years later, it was time to get serious. He went to Charlie Puls, who was working out of his garage at the time, and had Charlie tub it out. Then Greg started getting real serious about it.

Greg ran brackets for a lot of years. Between Kearney , a couple of other tracks and of course the Nationals at Scribner, Greg was carving a notch in drag racing of his own. Throughout the 80s, Greg was becoming more and more competitive. Always willing to listen, and stay up with new technology, and many alterations to the Nova kept him in the running. During the early 90s, he performed beautifully at the Nationals in Scribner. Out of the 5 years he ran, he won the Nationals 3 times — '92, '94, and '96. Again in 2001, Greg received a $5000 check winning the B&M Racers Appreciation Series — Pro Class Winner — at the Nebraska Motorplex. That's a pretty good notch!

The car started out with a 327, then, Greg upgraded to a 350 and ran that for quite a few years. Once he went Super Street a few years back, he went with a 427 small block. Greg has always been pretty consistent. He has beaten some pretty big names over the years, and according to him, "that's what keeps you going." He says it's usually up and down, but in racing, "it can be anybody's day." Something else that keeps him going is his support group. According to Greg, his biggest supporter is his wife Vicki.

I always give the person I interview an opportunity to make any statement they would like concerning racing. That can open the door to many political subjects that do exist. But once given that opportunity, Greg did not have a bad word to say about anyone or anything. Greg says that he has been to most of the Division 5 meets, and he has always had a positive experience. Every track treated him good and has no complaints about any of them. It is that kind of attitude that makes drag racing what it is today. FANTASTIC. is proud to present you - Greg Gilligan. Now that's drag racing!

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