Firebird 400 Motor

well... kind of.

This is the motor I told you about from day one. It is the one I bought from the sandblaster and is the 1971 YS GTO 400. Well... not any more. Still the same block, and that's it!

I had the block pressure tested, decked (just cleaned), bored and line-bored to fit the Eagle 461 cu. in. stroker kit. It provides a full 1/2 inch more stroke over stock. It included the steel crank, pistons, H beam rods, etc. Eagle said that it was a balanced kit, however, once the machinist checked it out, it was not even close. So, he went ahead and zero'd out the motor, including flywheel and clutch plate.

The cam is from Comp Cams and is the original GM #9794041 RAM AIR IV cam from 1970. I did not want to get real radical for a Pro Tour car and I know the excellent history of this cam. The lift is 516 with a 308/320 duration.

The heads are the aluminum D-port heads from Kauffman. Jeff Kauffman was really great with me in helping choose the right head for this motor. I went with the 74cc chambers and 260cfm flow. He recommended the 1.65 rockers to top off the motor as was described to him.

I researched the new Barry Grant SixShooter for about 9-months after it first came out and found nothing but positive results. I know the Firebird never was optioned with the three deuce setup, but Pontiac nostalgia is a 'thing' with me. I went ahead and got the SixShooter and am looking forward to seeing it under the hood!

Time out! More to follow on the Barry Grant SixShooter!

I really hate to bad mouth folks, even a vendor who is not customer "friendly". I will have to say that the Barry Grant SixShooter I pulled out of the box, should have never been put IN THE BOX! Sure, he has a warranty program and supports it; however, it is definately not conducive to the customer. I don't believe that I will allow myself to have another Barry Grant experience. 'nough said.

MSD will complete the ignition with a 6AL box and 5000 chip. The chip is to cover any mistakes of mine after not slammin' gears for 30-years.



Bear with me. I had to make some adjustments to the valley pan to accommodate the SixShooter intake. I'll get more pics soon.

BTW, in the fourth picture you will see the rocker covers. Jerry "Rosey" Rosenthal of Fremont, NE. hand painted the original Oakland-Pontiac Indian Chief emblem on the covers. AWESOME!!

Hope you're having as much fun with yours as I am!!




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