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1949 & 1950 olds rockett 88 parts

1949 & 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Replacement Body Parts

(402) 443-8424

Eddies 1950Tucked away in small town USA is Eddie Rezac who makes some of the hardest to find body pieces for the 1949 & 1950 Oldsmobile. If you're an enthusiast of these great old classics, you may have just hit pay-dirt!

Whether it's a hard top or a convertible, the sheet metal pieces you thought were non-existant is right here. Some parts will cross with the Chevy and Pontiac, however, a call to Eddie will clear up any questions you may have. After 30 years of building these Olds classics, he's got a pretty good idea of what will work.

Many of the parts shown here are available and custom made for an exact fit. Should you have a part needing replaced for something else, give Eddie a call. Chances are he can make it for you.

After collecting odds and ends for over 40 years, Eddie has quite an assortment of parts for sale for old Chevy pickups, Olds, Pontiacs, and more. You should probably check with him to see if he has what you're looking for.

(402) 443-8424

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