Todd Pope Division 5 Super Street is proud to bring you a young man who has made his presence known on the strip
in just a few short years.

Todd Pope, along with his 1971 Chevelle ‘ol Blue’, has made all the right steps over the last 6+ years. Numerous upgrades to ‘ol Blue has finished up with a full-tube chassis, 570 big block, coupled with an outstanding attitude and respect that can only be seen as a credit to Division 5 drag racing. This winning combination is felt by
anyone who lines up next to him.

Click on the lights to check out one fine 1971 Chevelle.  

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Keep your eye on 'ol Blue! Todd got 'er pretty well dialed in with a good 2010 season! I would not be surprised to see 'ol Blue in the top ten stats for 2011.

Now that's drag racing!

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