1957 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Deville

Rear Body Changes

Not a lot to say except it's been quite a bit of work to get to this point since last photos. Once you've made BIG changes, it looks like you've done a lot and you have. But, It creates many 'little' things that has to be done as well. With spring knocking at the door, I wanted to get all bare metal in etched primer with humidity on the rise. It's coming along and much has been done. I'll finish up the turnpikes (skirts) and get caught up to the point where most of this work is doen then start on suspension. Well... something like that. We all know how plans go! LOL!



I'm finally getting the lines working for me and I dropped it on the ground to get some measurements before blocking it back up and cutting out the suspension. Time to 'bag' it! Air bag that is. These three picks is how it looks with stock suspenion.



More to come!


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