1968 Firebird project back from the blaster

Surprises! Dave Hall was absolutely correct when he said I would find other things by having it sand blasted. The good news is, I don't need to replace the trunk pan, Just a couple of small holes that can be mig filled. But, I discovered the passenger door had about 30 holes in it from a slide hammer and the drivers door already had a skin put on it. Kirby Johnson of Classic Auto Restorations from Columbus, NE did the dry stripping and had a replacement door for me. The door with a skin is in good shape.

Next, the rear quarters were worse off unveiling the trunk extensions and outer wheel housings as well. The rear panel needs replacing too. Floor pans will be replaced from toe to rear seat. There's a few more holes here and there that will be mig filled with no problem. Yee-haw, let the games begin!

Ol' Kirby is quite the business man. While I was there picking up my body, he inquired if I needed a motor. I left with a complete 1968 YS motor. Since this car will never be original, I really don't care whether it's an automatic or manual coded motor. I'll leave those bragging rights for the yuppies that have way too much money, and have never turned a wrench on those beautiful muscle cars they drive down the street. Seems like the motorcycle world went the same way. Whoops, sorry about that! I can editorialize quicker than anyone I know.

8/2/06 update:

A lesson learned - ALWAYS get the casting numbers yourself and do your own research to make sure your are getting the motor being sold. I'm sure Kirby simply misread (??) the book; however, the casting numbers, 481988 are listed as a 1971 400 motor with about 50hp less than a 1968. I would have preferred the 1968 motor. This information is retrieved from the pontiacpower.net site . The date code is also 8161 - and according to pontiacpower.net the motor was made August 16, 1971. Hmmmmm, again - lesson learned.


It will be a couple of weeks before I post anymore progress. I need to pick up a couple more shop items to do the job right, and I know there's a lot of you out there that understands "BUDGET". In the mean time, clean parts, more parts, and more parts.



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