1968 Pontiac ready to Sand Blast

Stipped, ripped, and ready for the blaster. Everything is removed completely. Something you would want to do is make sure everything is off; this includes any black or grey sealer (putty) that the manufacturer used to seal around the firewall, air vents, under the dash, etc. Take the time to ensure that all of this is off of the car before taking it to the blasters. If there is debris (leaves, mud, twigs, etc) inside the doors, vents, or any body part, take the time to get the shop vac out and remove it. All of this is preparation BEFORE sending it to the blaster. It's not their job to clean your project. They will appreciate a well prepared body in more ways than one ($$).



Once again, I'm hoping all I have to replace is the floor pans, tunnel, trunk pan, and rear quarters. Everything else appears to be o.k., but we'll see after the blaster gets done with it. I'm scheduled to take it out to Kirby Johnson in Columbus, NE. on Saturday, then go back out the following Saturday to pick it up. Kirby comes well respected and referenced.

In the mean time, parts is parts! Time to start cleaning them up and finding out what to save and what to replace. I've got a line on a motor; however, I'm keeping my options open at this time. I won't really need one until the body and chassis is complete.



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