I'm sure there are those of you that have had this problem. You get so far along, think you know how you're going to do it, and at the last minute make some major changes. Well... I DID!

Long story short(?), I woke up about 3:30a one morning three weeks ago and got a cup of coffee, went out and sat in the garage and looked my 'bird over. Hmmm... something just wasn't right. I have put a lot of time, work, and money into this project, but something was bothering me. As I looked at the old original mono leaf suspension, I thought that needed updated. At least to a multi-leaf with the kind of horse-power that it will have.

Then I looked at the front subframe and suspension. It turned out nice. It was clean, rebuilt, and solid. Hmmmm... that just doesn't cut it. It needs to be something more. But what? You see, I have not mentioned what I'm doing with the motor/tranny and rear-end yet, have I? Nope, that's a surprise!

I went online and searched for available suspensions for the 1968 Firebird and I cam across Heidts website. That was a big mistake. I waited for store hours to open, went down to Fremont to my ol' friend Charlie at C.T. Chassis and Engine Builders and ordered the Heidts new "bolt-in" 4-link rear and also their new subframe with their Pro-G suspension. OUCH!! But WOW, this Firebird is going to be one fine pro-tour! Check out the pics.



Hopefully, I can take it down for paint next week!



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