Tearing Down My 1968 Firebird

Yee-Haw! We're having fun now! There's just nothing like breaking out all of the tools and tearing something apart. Naturally, you will want to take a little more serious approach when dismantling your project car. Labeling things, shelving good items to be refinished, etc.

As you can see, it has great potential. Just as I mentioned on the first page, I now have confirmation that the floors need replacing, the trunk pan, and both rear quarters. Have a look.



Once I get the dash out of her I will be ready to send it off to the blasters. I called Dave Hall of RestoreAMuscleCar.com and asked about having it blasted. The question I had was; should I just put a lot of elbow grease into the project with a DA and sand everything down, or have it blasted. His remarks were pretty sound. He advised to blast it. He said if you are going to go through all of this work to have a really nice car when finished, the $800 to $1000 to have it blasted is money well spent. Dave said that the blasting could very well uncover other areas of the sheet metal that might need replaced and that I might not see where that is by sanding it down myself. Makes good sense!

Looks like it will be a couple of weeks before it can be taken in by the blasters. Dave advised me to be careful where I take it. He said to be sure that whoever does it needs to be familiar with that particular car. There are some blasters out there that have not done project cars, i.e. equipment, machinery, trucks, tractors, etc.; the process is somewhat techical and someone not knowing what they are doing can very easily warp the metal and cause lots of problems for re-assembly. Once again - thanks Dave!

I will update as soon as I have the dash out and the car is ready for the blasters. In the mean time, I will start looking for vendors that want to do business!


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